Working while in school?


I'm trying to decide if I am going to work while in the BSN program. I currently work LTC but was considering working in acute care while in school to gain more experience. I worked on a busy surgical unit for about 4 months right out of LVN school until I went on maternity leave. After 1 year off I started back to work in LTC. I'm curious what all of you are doing while in school.

Are you working while in school? What hours?

Is this beneficial to your education? How so?

How are you doing balancing work/school/family?

Thanks in advance.:D

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I work 10s on Saturdays and Sundays and usually one 8 during the week. It helps me because I am forced to get school work done as soon as it is assigned which is a good thing. The biggest perk is by working I am not stressed out over the money I'm losing by not working, for me that would be more stressful than the juggling act. My family and house are a little neglected but hopefully not so much that it isn't worth it in the big picture. I bet that if I wasn't at work I would be stuck in my bedroom studying so I'm not sure I'd be much more company for the family anyway. Best to you, Jules

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Are you working while in school? What hours?

I work the weekend program in an acute care facility on Med-Surg. 3 twelve hr day shifts per week. Every Sat/Sun and one more during the week. I am finishing my pre-req's and hope to be in a transitional LVN-ADN program in May. I am hoping to keep up this during school as long as possible- bills gotta be paid.

Is this beneficial to your education? How so?

I think it will be helpful because of the exposure to the patients while at work. Hopefully, what I am learning in school will make more sense because I can compare it ti real life situations. Ideally, I would love to NOT work and concentrate on studies...

How are you doing balancing work/school/family?

Well, something's gotta give...I am married with a teenage daughter. Not going to lie- it has been difficult. Sometimes I think teens need parents at home more than toddlers do. I have a supportive spouse and parents close by. House isn't the cleanest. It is a sacrifice giving up every weekend and spending a lot of my free time with my nose in a book. I look at the end result and hope that I am being a good role model for my daughter. It is difficult to go (sometimes) seven days per week without a day off- work, school, etc.. but I keep looking towards the end result and how I will be a better provider for my family. I will have more options as an RN. The future so bright...I gotta wear shades!:smokin:

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