Working for Private Pay HH Agency vs. Medicare agency


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Has anyone had experience in HH with the private pay sector? Just curious if the workloaad is different, less skilled care and more case management and HHA/CNA supervisions? I worked for HH agency years ago based out of a large hospital. LOTS of PAPERWORK! More so because it was medicare visits.

I am returning to HH care , prefer more case management and supervision and less actual "skilled nursing care". The position I am considering compensates based on number of cases, complexity, and the number of caregivers I would be assigned to. To me private pay would be the way to go especially with the population of seniors growing markedly in the next 10-20 years.

Any Advice? Experience out there in private pay? Thanks


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I've worked private pay cases for agencies that accepted other types of pay also and found that there was absolutely no difference in the way the case was handled other than talk in the office about the fact that the client was private pay rather than medicaid or insurance. And that was all there was to it, just talk.

I've also worked for clients that went outside of an agency that was not providing enough nursing care and paid for the nurses themselves. No agency to deal with. Just the client. Used their own CPA to prepare pay checks and everything was very easy.

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