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I've recently moved from the US to Scotland on a spousal visa. I've been in contact with NMC and have already done the assessment stage and last Friday took my cbt but was unsuccessful. I'm waiting to see when they allow me to retake it currently.

I read here that some were working as pre-registered nurses while waiting to take their cbt. How can I do that? I'm fully registered in the states and have been a nurse for 4 years. I quit my job when I got my visa.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Go to NHS jobs website(Google) and search 'OSCE nurse', 'overseas nurse programme' etc. About 10 - 14 will pop up. These are Trusts looking for overseas nurses to work for them at band 3(pre - registered nurse). They will support you until you are fully registered. Apply to them and most will be willing to support you. I applied to about five of them after receiving my NMC decision letter and they all replied. Do not use an agency since you are already in UK.

Once you are in UK(Scotland) already, you can also walk to any trust locally to ask them if they can support you if you don't want to work in England.

You can also apply to positions on the NHS scot website(Google), tell them you are in the process of registering with NMC. Some might support you.

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Our overseas nurses are band 4, so you may find some discrepancies between pay and support. Just be careful where you chose.

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