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Working part time while going to school and with a family

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Hello all, i currently work full time at a cardiology office and go to school for nursing. I just applied for a job at a local hospital for a unit secretary... i just got offered the position but part time ... their excuse is that when i get to clinicals its gonna get tough! I want to take it because i want the experienxe and i can get my foot in the door but going from full time to part time? Not sure what to do! Is it better to work part tjne by the time all the nursing clinicals stRt

Well, it's up to you. You also have to take in consideration the amount of time you'll need to study. It's definitely doable to work full time. I have friends who have done it, but they were just always exhausted. The nice thing about working at the hospital, as you mentioned, is getting your foot in the door. You'll be able to build a rapport with people faster especially if you're interested in working there. Can you afford to work part-time? If so, then I think the sacrifice may be worth it.

I agree with the PP, it'll probably a great step for you and make school that much easier if you can financially swing it.