Working Overnights, Interviewing for Day Job


I presently work IMCU overnights. Absolutely love my co-workers and my job but just can't hack the over- night hours as a single mom of 2 (plus being in my 50's, the overnight 12 hr shifts have wreaked havoc on my body, having to switch to days several times a month for educational requirements and expecting to be bright eyed and bushy tailed!). Have always been a morning person. 12 hr shifts are fine, my mind and body yearns for daytime hours. The only opening at my hospital for a day job is in endoscopy. I loved my endoscopy rotation during clinicals and it has always been on my mind. Other than loving the experience I had durng clinicals, my main reason is to get a day job. Is it acceptable to mention that one of the reasons I applied for the job is because it's a day job?

Has 33 years experience.

Absolutely do not say you want the position because it's day shift. You need to explain what YOU can do for the department, not what the department can do for you.