Working as a Medical Assistant to transition to Clinic RN?


I'll be a new grad (BSN) this May and I plan to take my NCLEX in June. I would LOVE to be a clinic nurse but most clinics and family practices that I've called told me that although they accept new grad RN's, they need to already be certified.

So I saw an open position at a clinic for a Medical Assistant PRN which I think will work out with my schedule until I graduate and have to study for the your opinion do you think that this is a good route to take or should I just wait until I pass my boards to begin applying?

From my understanding, medical assistants and RN's work closely in a clinic, and oftentimes they perform some of the same tasks. I thought having experience as a medical assistant in a clinic setting would help me get my foot in the door if any RN positions open up by the time I get certified?

I'd be so grateful for any opinions/advice! :)

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As a new/old grad I was hired as a MA in tiny rural clinic. As long as you can get passed them using you as a Nurse, and as long as you can keep your mouth closed when all the MA's call themselves Nurses, you can definitely learn a ton. I loved the people, & Doctors where I was at, but I could not take being taken advantage of for more than a year. If you have the time, might as well get some experience in the area you want to end up in.


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Certified in what? Clinic nursing? Telephone triage? Or do you mean licensed? Two different things.

I love working in an office but the MA's run circles around us as far as tasks- giving shots to little kids, ear irrigations, stuff like that.