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I am a nursing student in my fourth semester. I just finished my preceptorship working 12 hour shifts which is the norm for nurses on the floor. While I really liked the extended hours for the continum of patient care I saw how it could affect your home life. I would like to hear from other nurses about this issue. Are eight hour shifts common for nurses in the hospital setting?

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My children were raised with me working three 12 hour shifts. So they became adjusted to me being pretty much gone three days a week and fully home for 4 of those. I made sure that all the "mom" chores and running around was done as much as possible while they were in school. I tried very hard for all of us to eat every dinner together, even though it meant walking up early to fix it (work nights) and the crock pot became my best friend. Run to the store in the morning for 5 minutes after work, cut some stuff up and throw it in the pot. Dinner when I wake up at 430 pm with the family.

I can promise that you'll find what works and how to work around it. Very few of my night peers can stay up in the morning after work, it's when I do all my running around, run laundry, sweep the kitchen ect. I don't goto bed until 11am then up at 5pm at the latest. It's only for three nights and it works for me and my family.

Now 8 hour shifts on days when I was in management almost got me fired, could never ever wake up at 5am! So just try out a few different things if you are lucky enough to have choices. That's one of the things I love about nursing, the options!:D

Thank you everyone who replied to my question of working 12 hour shifts! You have been a great help!

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