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I was wondering if anyone works at home. I am pregnant have been on bedrest for 2 months. I was working for an Infusion Company doing case mangement,POT's and etc. My friend has offered me a job that I can do from bed and continue to stay at home with the baby. I am very excited. I will be doing paperwork via the computer. The problem is, she lives in Pa. and I live in NY. I would never have to go to the Pa. office, but we are trying to figure out how to have communication be cost effective. I will be a on call supervisor as well, so I will need people to call me but not have them have to call long distance. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this cost effective.We are looking into a national cell phone number and already have a nation wide beeper. But, I was just wondering if other people work like this, or even there spouses and how the company works it. I would be grateful for any ideas and imput. Maybe there is another perpective that we can't see yet. Thanks

If you have an email address or obtain one from yahoo or hotmail, etc. (they are free) you can communicate with your staff granted that they too are on line. You can send attachments back and forth for your papers or have a scanner to copy hard copies to your system.

I will also acess an 800 or 888 line that should be inexpensive. Good Luck

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