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Working hard to purchase trivialities is bad for you

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The number one reason why people get caught up in the rat race is that humans tend to want to live the life they cannot afford, or they want to reach for things that require time to come to fruition. 

In other words, they like to keep up with the Joneses. Working hard to pay for trivialities is bad especially when you have to work more shifts to meet up. 

A lot of nurses work day and night to make money so that they can buy the latest bag, car, clothes, etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong to treat yourself...keep reading.

And for others, they may have huge mortgages and kids’ private school tuition to pay for. 

I’ve had people in nursing reveal that they’ve been working for so many years but it seems like they’ve not been making progress financially and family relations.

Many are laden with debt with no hopes of paying off. The tunnel is dark and there seems to be zero light energy at the end of the tunnel.

The Fed reports that 4 out of 10 Americans would have a hard time covering a $400 emergency expense. $400 expense. That’s insane….

You can make the most of your income no matter how small or large it may be and live a fulfilling life. Remember that financial literacy can be applied at any level of income.

It’s not always about what you make but how you’re able to manage what you make.

Avoiding consumer debt at all costs might help you reach your financial goals quicker than making more money.

Consumer debt refers to debts such as credit cards and payday loans that do not appreciate. For example, financing a couch, a car for personal use, or a jacket at your favorite shop can destroy your financial future. 

That jacket will never appreciate, that car will only go down in value, and that couch will never produce extra income for your family. 

The value of these possessions only goes down from the time of purchase. I’m not saying that folks should not buy these things. 

These are necessities in life, but we should not purchase items at the expense of our financial future. 

Here are a few suggestions I would give to my fellow nurses.

1.    Look for cheaper deals with good quality and buy. 

2.    Pay cash for stuff, if you can and spend the rest of your hard-earned money towards items that would generate more income and appreciate.

3.    Go thrifty. I personally do not go to thrift stores, but I know folks who get better deals from thrift stores. 

4.    Invest your money in mutual funds, retirement accounts, stocks, and other income-generating vehicles. 

5.    Have a side gig; this could be nursing-related or something else that you enjoy doing and generate income.

6.    Save up 3-6 months of your monthly expenses into an emergency fund. This would serve as a safety net for unforeseen financial circumstances.

7.    Be patient in life. There are things that will only come to fruition over time. 

8.    Learn to say No to emotional purchases. I did not have the word NO when I was in nursing school. I bought whatever my mind wanted, and this crippled me financially. I did not have anybody who taught me about personal finance. Saying No will prevent unreasonable purchases.

9.    Spend time with the people you cherish and focus on experiences. The more I read, the more I realize that what really matters are the people around you and the experiences we have. No amount of possession would make you happier than family, friends, and just having a good time doing what you love. 

We work so hard to take care of others; why don’t we allocate time to have control over our finances and life’s experiences?




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ArmyRntoMD specializes in Critical Care.

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Man this article is so true. Never got why people do that. I work 4 days a month and make ends meet while I’m doing premed. Many nurses I work with have to have the newest iPhone, Gucci, Prada, UGG boots, Louis Vuitton purses etc. And they get sick all of the time and whine about how stressful it is to work so much.

Then don’t...?

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