Working with hand laceration?


This is so stupid, but I still want some advice. I accidentally cut my hand on glass earlier tonight; there was a shard I didn't see and I jammed it into my palm when washing dishes. I have no idea how deep it is, because I held pressure until the bleeding mostly stopped and then put butterfly strips on because it would start bleeding every time I moved my hand. Right now it just looks like a normal, closed, 1.5 inch laceration.

The issue is the placement of the laceration. It's on my palm near my thumb, so any major movement is pretty painful and could potentially stretch it open. And it's very painful for just a laceration. If I put any pressure on my palm at all I wince & draw back.

My question is: should I work on my medical floor with this injury? It seems silly not to, because it's basically just a cut on my hand. I worry, however, about how my abilities will be limited with limited use of my hand. Even handwashing as often as I would have to would be difficult.

I know the real answer would be go to the doctor for evaluation and advice, but I don't know if I can get an appointment before 3pm tomorrow when I have to be at work. And maybe I should have gone and got it sutured, but it stopped bleeding and the butterfly strips hold it closed just fine.

What do you guys think? Sorry that's a lot of info for such an easy question. Should I work and just try to deal with the pain since it's a very minor injury, or should I play it safe and take the evening off and let it heal?

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I think you answered your own question. Please get medical advise before going to work.

The schedulers/supervisors at my hospital would try to talk a nurse into taking a shift with an open fracture "couldn't you just wrap it with an occlusive dressing, it would be really appreciated."

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Woodenpeg is so right - see a medical provider - what about an urgent care or walk-in clinic??

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