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are there any rns that are currently working at grady memorial hospital in [color=#0062bf]atlanta that could give me some insight about what working at grady is really like? i am fairly new to atlanta and am currently working at another hospital, but i'm interested in working at grady because of their loan repayment program. but whenever i ask nurses about grady i always get negative feedback. so i want to know, is it really that bad?


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grady is a very difficult place to work.the nurse patient ratio is really bad.they are always short staff and supplies are not always available.there is a pay increase freeze.please go elsewhere. my last day at grady will be in 2 weeks


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I am at grady now... trying desparately to get out of my to year contract. Worst place ever... please try other places if you have no other choice whatsoever, then maybe try getting your NP before working and try applying to Emory. If i could take it all back I would! Gosh....

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