Working with Eating Disorders

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Hi everyone. I started my first nursing job in July 2019 on a gen med with tele unit. I love it there. I have gotten a lot of psych experience as well as regular gen med things. I really wanted to get a broad experience as my first job.

Anyways, I have always wanted to work with eating disorders and I know I would be good at it. I have mentored people in ED recovery before. Anyways, do you guys know what qualifications I need in order to work in that field? Also in general, do you guys know of other professions that work with Eds that aren't the obvious ones (doctors, nurses, therapist, psychiatrist, nutritionists)?

Thank you!



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Exercise/fitness trainers? Am thinking along the line of gyms/fitness centers?

Of course, you could always try to create a position with some realty TV show.



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I’m not sure if I’m too late considering I stumbled on this post while trying to find out what it’s like working on an eating disorder unit as well because I just accepted a new grad job on an eating disorder unit. But if you’re willing to move, Denver Health has new grad residencies and positions at ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders.