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Is there anyone in here currently working as a CNA or worked as a CNA in the past? I got my CNA license back in December2004 and have never worked as a CNA. I just got a job today for a CNA position and my employer does not want to give me any training or reviews. I am supposed to start this Thursday and I am feeling very nervous. I feel like I have forgotten everything since I haven't had any practice and that I will mess up. Any advice? Thanks

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Do you mean you will not get any orientation? If that is so, then you would be wise to consider another job. That one sounds like it may be a recipe for disaster. Be very careful.

While you should not expect an employer to train you, you are entitled to a decent orientation, then have a preceptor you can be with to learn the ropes.


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I have been a CNA for 2.5 years and you definately need an orientation period of at least a week. Depending on where you are working maybe longer.

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