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how about working in a cardiologists office as an RN?

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i have about 1.5 yrs experience med-surg nursing in northern ca. i may soon start a job in a local cardiology office, just as a relief rn. fill in for the primary rn when she's sick or on vacation. sounds like the job is pretty basic, help md with stress tests mostly, pushing meds, taking bp's, monitoring pts. i love cardiac, and have a cardiac dysrhythmia history of my own so i'm pretty sure i'll like it. i'd like to know: others out there who work primarily in a cardiologists office? good pay? do you work 5 eights?, 4 tens? opportunities in larger cities for a position like this? i live in a small community. just trying to pick brains. this is only a fill in position for me, but it opens the door to a future job in similar setting, i'm thinking. it seems this would be a fairly low stress, (w exception of occassional code, i'm sure) area of nursing...because after 1.5 yrs of med-surg, i could go for low stress!! any input would be appreciated.:jester:


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I don't work in a cardiology office, but I have spent the last 2 years doing med/surg tele at a hospital and I have to say I'm envious! I SO want the chance to do what you're doing now, but the opportunity just hasn't arisen where I work (outside of a large city with no nursing shortage whatsoever). Please let me know how it works out and goodluck! :)

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you posted this almost a month ago. The office I will start at is 8a-430P or 7-430, can't quite remember. Have you found the answers to your questions? I should be receiving an offer from a cardiology office that does various diagnostics tests and I'm just as curious as you are :) Please let me know what you have found out

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Tash, thx for the reply. I am still waiting as well. I haven't officially been given the position yet. with the holidays, plus this particular office is going through some m.d. changes, i'm not at the top of the priority list. i should know just after 1st of the yr. the other staff i've talked to seem to think i've got the job. i'll repost when i know. good luck with your position. i'd likewise like to know how u like it.:up: Matt.

Working in a cardiologist practice for the last 8 years, and work in the stress lab supervising all test for the practice (16 cardiologist). A great learning enviorment, great tech., staff, and I meet some of the most neat people. Two suggestions, 1. - An EKG is only a piece of information, 2.-the patient will tell whats wrong, best of luck, you are getting into a great area in medicine. marc