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Hello All,

I was just accepted into our nursing program. I was on the waiting list and they called me to tell me I got in!!!:roll So I have been very busy getting all of my papers, and physicals into my school.

I am stressing because I need to find a night time job. I really need something full time or at least 30 hours a week depending on the pay.

What do all of you plan on doing? Where would you find a good job that pays well?

Any sugestions would help alot.

Does anyone know how much unit clerks make (2nd shift)?

Thanks for your help :D


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Our unit clerks make about 9 dollars an hour for evenings and nights. But they are also CNA's so they are require to be able to come in and expect to do both depending on how busy we are.

I work as a CA in the hospital 24-32 hours a week at night, which is sort of a step up from a cna, because i have one year of school under my belt, and that allows me to do a few more things.

I work cleaning a bank in the evenings/nights 5 days a week and that's 5 hours a week. I work as a receptionist in a nursing home 2 evenings a week scheduled 8 hours a week, then i fill in when someone wants off if i am available.

School is going to run 20 hours a week for clinicals and 12 hours a week for classroom.

32+5+8+20+12=77 hours

I see myself falling over from exhaustion for about a week after school ends. Hopefully by then i will have accumulated enough time that i'll have a decent vacation saved and will take a trip to the beach.

Had a lot of people either say "there's no WAY you can do school and work fulltime!!". Ok if i can't, then you can pay my bills....

Won't be easy but so far working the way i do and school at the same time has really made me a stronger independent person.

Sure I'd kill for the opportunity to not work for this school year, but it's not in the cards, therefore i'll just deal with it

Good luck :)


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Hey lauren,

I am a nursing student and I am also a cna gna working the 3rd shift. I have the summer off and just started this gig a few weeks ago, so I dont know what it is going to be like once classes start back up. This job pays $10 per hr to start, but once I pass gna test goes up a respectable amount. If you do something like what Im doing expect free shots, physicals and other benefits. Plus, a chance to get your feet wet, some great references for future opps, and a real eye opening experience on what it is like as the lowly aide. The hours are totally flexible (as many available as you'd like), training and license was paid for by the facility, and you have three shifts to chose from. It might be worth checking out for you too! good luck.

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