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Working while attending NYU RN to BSN program?

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I am a nursing student attending a local community college.

I look forward to continuing my education by getting my bachelor's degree, but I am concerned if I could work while attending NYU.

With my parents making enough to the point where I cannot apply for financial aid or scholarships,

but not making enough so as to help me with any of the payment of tuition,

I am confused on whether I should go to NYU as soon as I earn my Associate's Degree or work a year or two as an ADN before going.

I want to be working either part time or full time as an ADN in NYC while attending NYU so that it would

1) ease at least a bit of the amount of student loan I would have to pay

2) put my license as a ADN to use and have more experience by the time I am a BSN!

However, the problem is that I did research on what hospitals in NYC look for when hiring a nurse,

and found out most hospitals don't even look at applicants who don't have at least two years of experience and a bachelor's degree.

I was wondering if there would be at least a 30% chance to get hired as a nurse even in the smallest hospital with the lowest wage (I would be grateful even with $15/hr) in NYC if I were a NYU student and had an ADN degree, but with no experience.

Or should I work as an ADN for two years and then turn in my application to NYU again? Would I be hired then?

I would save up money for tuition, but then again, that takes too long!

So I was also pondering on the option to go to Binghamton University, but with the NYC job market being as tight as it already is, I'm worried that people who graduate from a school in upstate NY would have no chance of working in NYC.

Please help!

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I can't speak for your particular area or school but I worked through all my nursin programs and the BSN was the easiest of all. I wouldn't let the implied restrictions on experience or BSN deter you from attempting to apply for jobs a new grad might be qualified for but would be realistic and consider things that might not be as desirable to secure work. My weekend gigs paid excellent money. I made a lot of money working my way through school and can't imagine not doing it that way. Good luck to you!


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