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I am wondering if anyone knows of a computer program which would allow one to make up a work schedule/rotation. Our current one does not work well(we are short 5 full time positions) and everyone hates the current rotation. Our Manager told us if we don't like it, we can make up a new one. The rotation is for 12 hour shifts. Someone told me that there is no such thing but with all the neat things that computers can do, there has got to be a program somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have had experience doing scheduling for a nursing unit. We used a program called Visual Staff Scheduler PRO. It requires a lot of manual input but once it's set up, it can tally how many staff you have on each shift (both RN's and ancillary personnel, if applicable). If you would like more info on this, you may email me privately.


I am told our computer program never worked either. Why not go to self scheduling and empower the nurses to write their own schedule? This is what we do in our unit and it works good. Of course, you need to set down some strict ground rules for all to follow.

I hate to say it, but when your are missing 5 nurses the schedule is NEVER going to look pretty. We were fully staffed until recently when we lost one of our full time nurses (we all do 12 hr shifts). The schedule is horrible...and there really is no way around it other than supplementary staffing (if it's even available). Good luck!

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