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The nursing home that I work at as a CNA wants to pay for all of my schooling for one year service after I graduate in return. I don't want to work there at all, I want to work in a hospital, and I am trying to find a new job now. I have two more years to go for my ASN so that means that I will have to stay there a total of three years. I don't see myself working there for three more years. But some people say that I would be nuts for turning down the offer. I mean we are talking a matter of $28,000.00 hear. What should I do?


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Gordi-Is it one year total you would owe the nursing home AFTER you graduate with you ASN?

Either way, it has got to be your decision and I say go for what is in your heart. If you think life will just really suck as a RN at the nursing home for one year, then don't do it.

It would be real tempting for me though. I graduated in 1983 with about 10k in loans and it took me ten yrs to pay it off.

But then again, compare the nursing home salary with your local hospital salary. If you will get paid alot more at the hospital then maybe it's worth it to make more pay at a hospital and pay the loans yourself.

Good luck with whatever you do-keep us posted!! Jeanne :)


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Yes, it is one full year after I graduate. But it's two years until that happends. Decisions, decisions:confused:


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gordi, You know, nursing homes aren't the ONLY ones who will pay for your education! Hospitals do too! If you hate it there now, do you think you could stand it for 3 more years? Check out hospitals in your area, I'm sure there are a few who will pay for your education. You may not get 100% like at the NH, but it will help. Good Luck!

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