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Hi everyone!

I am super excited to be enrolling in my pre-reqs to get into the LVN program! It has been a long since I have been so passionate about something...I KNOW this is what I was meant to do! My only issue is, for now I have to continue working until I am (and I WILL be) accepted into the program. I was told by some friends and my Fiance not to let my co-workers know that I am enrolling in school. I have an ideal situation because I currently work nights (not in a healthcare setting), so it allows me to do some classes for now. Well today, the VP of my department tells me that I will eventually be his administrative assistant, which would be a promotion.

Now, I am torn. I don't want them to invest all of this time in me, only to quit in less than a year. Also, there is a possibility my hours could change to day hours, then I would not be able to complete my pre-reqs. I don't want to possibly lose my livelyhood, which is helping me suppliment school. We do have an awesome reimbursement plan, but that has to get pre-approved by the VP, only taking "approved" classes.

My question is, should I have a heart-to-heart with my boss...basically letting him know that I will be taking classes that will eventually lead me in another direction? Or, should I keep quiet, until I am admitted into the program.


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Experience and hindsight tells me if I were in your shoes (again!) to stay quiet. Things change..."eventually" is too ambiguous of a term to plan or make any decisions on. Take your pre-reqs. If the job is offered to you during this time, you have several options: decline the offer, accept and ask if you can start at later date (depending where you are in your day time classes), maybe talk to your school if they have an evening track that you could move into. Don't quit your job until you absolutely have to, and even then see if you can go PT. It's not time yet for a heart-to-heart, so keep cool and keep your job!

If you're currently working for a non-healthcare related field, it is very doubtful you'll get tuition reimbursement from them unless you tell them on the forms that the general ed classes (English, Math, Psychology - whatever they are) are for a degree in Business (or whatever relates to them). As to the medical specific courses (A&P, Medical Term, Nursing Essentials - whatever they are for you) don't even submit those.

HTH and of course, this is just my humble opinion and .02 worth! Good luck!


Thanks for responding! I do value your opinion, since you have been there! :bow:

That was probably the route I was going to I said, I need to work as long as I can, especially with the job market being in the pits right now. :uhoh3: Unfortunately, the school I will be attending does not offer the pre-reqs during the evening. Hopefully I could try to submit like Nutrition and A&P as like my "basics" and maybe get reimbursement on those. I would totally let the cat out of the bag if I tried any others!


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I am 47 and working FT....however, I am a contract programmer.

I took my pre-reqs online so it didn't matter when I was at work! :D I didn't tell anyone when I was in the pre-reqs, but now I am in my 1st semester of NS (RN) and I am taking 12 CR. This meant that I did not have as much time towards OT or on-call duties. Because it might impact my availability, I did let the client's manager and my management about my off-work activity. Both were very supportive.

Mine is a different situation than job, by definition, is temporary! You have to make your own decision.

Have you looked into online courses?

Well, I took an online classes like 5 years ago (probably not a good idea) and I bombed it bad. Granted, I was very flippant and immature when it came to school. That actually might be an option now, but I am very nervous in doing so.

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