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My 32-year-old daughter works 12-hr shifts in the ICU (7 years of experience as an RN). She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be starting preadjuvant therapy - including chemo - in a couple weeks. The doctors say she can work if she feels up to it. I'm worried about chemo brain altering her judgement.

Of course, every person undergoing treatment responds differently, but if any of you has gone through the same ordeal, I would appreciate you speaking about your experience. Could you work?

Please, all young nurses, do regular self breast exams. The incidence of breast (and colon) cancer is increasing. 


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So sorry to hear about your daughter's diagnosis. Is she unable to take a medical leave during her treatment? Truly work should not have to be her main focus, but I understand not everyone has the ability to take time off. If she has to keep working, she's really going to be the only one who can report how she is feeling accurately. I hope that she responds well to treatments and achieves remission. Sorry I don't have any more advice or feedback.  

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