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I am looking to pick up a side job and be able to work from home. Any suggestions of where to start would be much appreciated! I have looked at some individual insurance sites but wasn't even sure what type of job to be applying for. Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Are you looking for an informatics job? Am unsure what you are asking?


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I don't think I meant for my question to be informatics...I'm looking for like chart review, phone triage or something along those lines that can be done at home on my off time.


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i think you meant telehealth. there's plenty of jobs for that :)

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I don't know how most places work, but with my company its a FT job. I work 36 hrs a week from home. A good place to start looking is with most all of the major insurance companies, look at their postings. Some have a place where you can click telecommute or something like that. Others you have to just look at all your postings and see what offers the work from home option.

Also you, for triage at least, need to have some experience across the ages, including peds.


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Thanks for your help, I have primarily peds experience..not a whole lot of adult.

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