Work at home advice for RN? (part-time hours)


Hi all,

I currently work 12 hour shifts in a NICU. We have young children at home, and as I'm sure many of you know, child care can be tricky to plan and also expensive. I'm looking for an option where I could drop one of my 3 hospital shifts a week and find something on the side that I can supplement my income with...maybe like 10 hrs a week of doing something at home on the computer, etc... Something that I can work on at night once the kids are in bed, etc... But how in the world do I find such a thing. I was hoping to see if anyone had any kind of recommendations or advice. I just want to be able to be at home with my kids more. Thanks so much if you know of anything I should look into. Thanks so much!

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im dont know much about this, but maybe you could work for one of those 24 hour nurse hotlines. i dont know if any let you work from home and maybe direct the phone calls to your home phone, but that would be pretty ideal, and maybe worth looking into.

also if you are good at typing, there are various companies where you can be a medical transcriptionist from home. not sure it will pay as much as nursing, but its something.

good luck, hope you get some more ideas from here.


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I work from home with an ins company but it's fulltime. I do know there is an occassional parttime position available but requires at least 24 hrs a week. I was thinking a prn "advice nurse" position would be ideal. You can google that position for your area and see what pops up... it may or may not be from home but it should be low stress and doable hours. If you can't find anything at home, maybe you can drop to parttime at NICU and find a prn position elsewhere like a daysurgery ctr where there hours are no nights, weekends, or holidays.


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Many insurance companies hire RNs to work at home, minimum of 25 hours a week as independent contractors. You set your own hours. If you google telecommute nursing you will find many jobs out there.


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I'm in a similar situation. I have been staying at home for the past year with my kids. In February I had my 4th child and am struggling with going back to work. I've been blessed to be home all this time, but things are getting tight. I am per-diem in a hospital in a float pool, but would like to do something different. Possibly from home too. Good luck to you.