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work history advice

hoping for some advice on how to handle this. I am a new graduate...now and RN who just left my first job after six months. It wasnt a good fit and my mom had been ill so I wasnt focused. My leaving was agreed upon and I will have a positive reference/able to be rehired. Should I use this reference when looking for a new job? Any input would be appreciated. :nurse:

Since you are new to nursing and you were promised a good reference, I certainly would use this reference to get another nursing job. Employers are looking for references from the nursing field. You would not be giving yourself much of a chance and would make it look like you were trying to hide something if you leave this person off as a reference. As a matter of fact, you should approach one of the other supervisory nurses or even a coworker to attempt to get another nursing reference. Good luck in finding a new position.

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