work in er now,but want to do wound care


Hi all,

I currently work in an ER, which I thought might be what I wanted, but turns out it isn't!! I also have always been very interested in wounds/wound care specialty. What unit do you think would be a good place to work to gain good experience? Surgical? Medical? Rehab?

Thanks so much for any advice!

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I have always wanted to work in ER, but circumstances have forbid, believe it or not there are not openings in my area.

So.....I am now a treatment nurse in long term care. I have worked med/surg, ICU, pediatrics, telemetry, and acute heart unit. The most wound experience I have gained is in Long term care, and since they are always looking for could be a treatment nurse, go to classes, etc.

Another great one would be home care, you will see wounds up the wazoo in home health.

good luck


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Thanks so much for yoru response. If ER is what you want, then one day you will get there!! You have the exact PERFECT experience for it!! The thing for is mainly that I went there straight out of school........and I don't reccommend that at all!! But you have a great base of experience and knowlege to bring to the ER........I wish you all the best in getting there!

By the you like what you are doing now........being a treatment nurse? Just wondering.



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I was lucky enough to be able to spend a day following a WOCN at clinical. I have been hired in an ICU/CCU after graduation but I think I too may be interested in wound care someday. It is fascinating!! Anyway, when I asked her what kind of nursing gives you a good background for wound care she said med-surg since you see so many different types of patients and wounds. HTH!


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Thank you , pink........

Good luck in the ICU/'ll get good experience there.


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I work for VNA/home health. I do ALOT of wounds and communicate and work closely with the local wound clinic. Home health gives you the opportunity to see many kinds of wounds -chronic, acute, venous, arterial, diabetic, surgical and you become very familiar with the kinds of treatments. You get to work with wound VACs as well. I love wound care as well and I get to do it every day! The docs actually write orders for us to eval and treat! Good luck to you!

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