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Well I got the bug to look into migrating to Australia, so found this website by doing searches on Australian nursing.

A few are work conditions? I'm an RN in California, USA. I work primarily ER. I think we enjoy a broad scope of practice and do find my work rewarding. Is it the same in Australia? Do we start our own IV's, assist in invasive procedures, covered under protocols, etc? Is my ACLS, BLS, PALS and TNCC (Trauma cert) required and transferrable? Is there anything that a nurse who has practiced in both countries can tell me is specifically or drastically different?

Also, how is the nurse to patient ratio? Is it governed by any laws or does it vary from facility to facility? In CA we have a 1:4 ratio in ER. Other states vary drastically.

Also, I'm an Associates degree RN here. Will that effect my level in AU? I have all my paperwork downloaded from the QLD nursing council and plan on getting that submitted for the final say, but any feedback is appreciated. I've found conflicting information in forums. It seems that the "Enrolled Nurse" is similar to our Vocational nurses in the US. Realistically, I could not professionally take a step backwards. I'm taking classes here towards my BSN, plan on continuing that in AU if I go. But can't go backwards. I would be professionally frustrated and that's not a direction I'm interested in.

I'm interested in migrating for the cultural experience. I want to see what it's like "down under". I love to scuba dive so obviously that's a plus, the GBR so close. But obviously, I need to support myself and family so fulfillment in my profession is pretty important.

So I believe I've posted this in the "proper" spot now....would greatly appreciate feedback.

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Just FYI, the GBR is not really close to Brisbane.

Victoria is the only state with nurse-patient ratios mandated (1:4).

I have worked in both countries, but in ICU, not ER. I don't see a lot of differences, although we have very few NPs (very new concept there), and many less nurses have masters degrees.


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lol well the GBR is far closer to Brisbane than it is to Florida... but Cairns looks TOOO HOT. After realizing the uncertainty regarding my associate's degree and getting registered, I think I'll wait to seriously look into it until after I finish my BSN.

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Uncertainty from where? There have been other people posting here who have associate degrees and got registered in Aus with no problems.

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