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I am a Canadian RN wanting to locate to the U.S.A. (you should see our taxes!!!) in January or February of next year. I would prefer a short contract six months or less. I have a diploma in nursing and will have completed a thirty credit specialty certificate of critical care nursing from a recognized institution. I have been graduated for five years and my experience includes surgical, neurovascular,telemetry, and critical care. For the last two years i have worked in a ten bed ICU/ CCU and am looking for a challenge. I have a particular interest in CSICU but only very limited experience. My wife thinks that the Boston area would be nice. I would be pleased to discuss any employment opportunities.

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I do not know anything about requirements of foreign nurses or contracts, but thought I could give you a little information since I am from the area. The Boston area has many great hospitals. There are a few large teaching hospitals and many smaller community hospitals, some of those affiliated with Harvard Medical School. The current job market here is very tough due to the economy, but it is a little better for experienced nurses (worse for new grads). I would suggest contacting hospitals that you would be interested in working at to discuss their hiring status. There has been a hiring freeze around here over the last year or so, but some nurses are getting jobs. The large teaching hospitals are Massachusetts General, Brigham and Women's, Beth Israel Deaconess, and Boston Medical Center. If you check out their websites, there are some ICU openings listed.

Best of luck.

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