Words of Wisdom?


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Hi, All.

I'm leaving for my first contract in a few days and am just asking for last-minute words of wisdom/advice from any and all travelers out there.  This is my first travel gig, so I'm nervous.


Thanks a lot,


What are your concerns?


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I think my biggest concern is the extremely short orientation time.  How long does it usually take to get in the swing of things?  This will be a whole new charting system, etc.  When do you start feeling comfortable?  

I personally don't feel efficient until my third month. But I'm quite functional after a couple of weeks. Mind you, the operating room takes a lot longer than most specialties. 

Most orientations cover EMR for better part of two days, then you will shadow a nurse for a day or two who will help shortcut your charting. Largely you don't need to stress out the first week at all. I say that, but I know it is hard to do. Even though I know well that most first day orientations are pure fluff, I don't sleep well the night before.