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Words of wisdom?


I am about to start working towards becoming a FNP in Fall 2015 by taking some non matriculated graduate classes. I have taken graduate level work before but it has been quite a few years. Any wisdom for success from currently enrolled students?

stay ahead. organize your life while you have a chance to, including deep clean house, etc. make sure you are in a job that will work with your school schedule demands, or align yourself appropriately into a new one. befriend other students who are at different levels in the program who you can call on for advice, direction, etc. start to think like a grad student. good luck!


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I don't start until Fall but I've recently interviewed for a job that will allow me downtime for schoolwork possibly.


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If you are allowed to (and every school has a different policy) record lectures. I found this particularly helpful with my advanced pharmacology and primary care classes. You can listen to them over and over while doing dishes, folding laundry, etc. Start networking for clinical placements now. The more connections you make, the easier it will be to get a stellar placement. Once you get into your primary care/clinical year, use certification exam review books to help you study content that you are learning in class. All of these are working pretty well for me. My grades are good and I graduate in May. Best of luck! :)


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