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Words of encouragement needed from working parents

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Hey All!

I work full time at a 24 chair chronic hemodialysis unit. We also rotate and do acutes. I work five 8-hour shifts a week. I am primarily an evening nurse. I work 1400-2230. I love love love my job. I enjoy working the evening shift because I am not a morning person.

My problem is, working the evening shift takes time away from my family. I have a very supportive husband who works normal daytime hours. We have a 2 year old and an 8 month old. The hubby takes care of dinner and bedtime stuff with the kids. He also brings them to visit me at clinic midshift so I can breastfeed baby. But I am missing at bedtime, one of the most needed times of the day.

Can anyone share how working evenings/nights worked out with your family life?

Thanks for reading.

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I feel ya, been there, done that. There is no happy medium unless you could jobshare and we both know that doesn't exist in OP's & acutes. If you went to days, you would have to find daycare and the moment you need to get off to pick them up, you're delayed with a possible acute. I worked night shift(hated it) at the hospital in another field when my kids were growing so I could be there for bedtime and coming in from school even if I was asleep in the recliner. I felt much like you and it is a challenge, but you do what you have to do to support your family because you love them. My husband worked days so one of was always with our kids and daycare was not something either of us wanted. My first son would come home with a fresh cold often, strep and chickenpox. At that time, there was no evening childcare. I know you are probably on the phone saying g'nite every work day. In dialysis, you can plan to be home for most holidays unless you have an acute, and even after they're done you can go home, so you do have a plus side. Hang in there because they are worth it.