Word of warning about tax consequences for travel nurses


Please don't do things like lie and say you live at your parents' house just so you can get a tax-free reimbursement for housing and meals. Apparently, this is a thing? ? That's not enough as the kind people at traveltax have pointed out. You might think the risk of getting audited is remote, but there's always a chance and it's just not worth breaking the law, risking being audited, and then having to pay back taxes, penalties, or worse. We are all busy professionals. We have to balance a demanding work schedule, family obligations, and sometimes school, too. We don't need more stress in our lives.

In my case, I am not a true travel nurse; my new tax home is the same as my new work location. So, I clearly don't qualify for tax-free reimbursements. Luckily, I was able to take a local contract for crisis pay with a travel nurse agency. While I don't get a tax-free stipend, the difference, in the end, isn't a dealbreaker. My effective hourly rate before taxes and with about 10 hours of overtime every week is still in the triple digits. We can make a lot of money and still do the right thing.