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Hi, everyone!

I am starting clinicals in a week to become an RN. (Yay!!) I have panic disorder but I am not on meds. I used to get panic attacks while driving about five years ago but got it under control in that I have only had two or three attacks in the last year and a half. I just had my physical as required for admission to the clinical sites. And wouldn't you know- I had a panic attack while I was getting blood drawn. I've never been a big fan of needles in my veins and I think my anxiety and the anticipation caused the attack. Now I am worried whether I am cut out for this? How will I be able to deal with taking blood from someone else? Will I become desensitized over time? Should I ask my GP about possible meds for treatment? I guess I just need reassurance that I am not going after an impossible dream. Thanks!!


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I would not preemptively ask for meds, wait to see how things go first. After my time in the ICU, I could watch a CABG and eat at the same time if that wouldn't break sterility, lol, but nearly passed out when my husband cut his foot deeply. It's different when it's your blood being taken! You may surprise yourself with how well you handle things.

PS- a routine may really help you in school. School can be stressful and unpredictable, and I would allow myself 5 minutes daily to whine/vent/stress/complain/panic and after that, I was done for the day. Of course, things are different with a full blown panic disorder, but having some control over some things (ex- regular mealtimes, time with friends, exercise) can make the stress of school a bit more tolerable.

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Above poster makes a lot of good points. I used to get panic attacks all the time and was on meds for 3 years. I definitely would not suggest taking them as they are highly addictive. It took me a long time to get off of them. You really need to find what calms you down. I found that I need cool air, some water, and deep breaths if I ever feel one coming on. Control is a main factor. Just try to stay on top of things and mentally calm yourself down every once in a while throughout the day. I hardly even get them anymore which is great.


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Thanks for your replies. I appreciate it. I guess I should have mentioned that I was on Lexapro for a time as prescribed by my doc but then weaned myself off it when the episodes all but stopped.

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