Won't I be stuck in med-surg?


I've been thinking about traveling and have talked to a couple of recruiters. They had some jobs available (or at least, jobs to interview for) if I was ready to go now, which is good. But it sounds like I would ONLY be considered for med-surg jobs, and since I don't have any tele experience, I wouldn't be eligible for those, either.

It makes sense to me that they only want nurses they don't have to train, of course. But if I start traveling with two years of med-surg experience, doesn't that mean I'll NEVER be able to do anything else? When will I be able to learn new skills?


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You should find a smaller facility that has more room to let you float around. You could also try to find a Clinic or Outpatient job.. Ive seen many MedSurg RNs float to Clinic and from there move to ER. Also ACLS and PALS will help.