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Wondering if I should wait or apply for jobs now...

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I have been a practicing RN for several years now, in a variety of settings (Neurosurgical ICU, general medsurg, inpatient stroke rehabilitation, and inpatient psychiatry). Due to moving across the country in August (Pittsburgh to Seattle!) and some other personal issues I've been dealing with, I have not worked since leaving my last job back in June. I've started looking at new positions here in Seattle and have applied to a few, with no bites yet. 

I had to take my BLS certification off of my resume as it had expired at the end of 2019, though I'll have it renewed within the next couple weeks. 

I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and apply to job listings in the meantime, or if I should just wait the extra weeks to get my BLS back on my resume first. (I'm up to date with all my other licenses!)

Any thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated :) 

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It doesn't sound like something that would make a huge difference, either way. I'm inclined to say wait, because if I remember correctly, it's been a required item when I've applied for past jobs. There may even be a hard stop in the application process if it's done online.

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