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So I'm a first year LPN started out my life long career in Internal Med/ ID at the CentraCare Hospital in St. Cloud which I was VERY blessed to be hired at, love my job:D but I know I want to go on for my RN soon as well and potentially my Masters of Science in Nursing:uhoh3:,I know my friends think I'm crazy too haha. I have been contemplating what area of nursing I want to slip into as I get closer to my RN, there are SOOO many facets to choose from. I have a passion for bringing healing to people who need it so obvious choices for me are working as a burn nurse:heartbeat, working in peds, oncology potentially combining peds/oncology:heartbeat, med surge working trauma so on so fourth. But over the last few months I have really taken an interest in becoming a flight RN:lol2:. I know that to be a flight nurse companies that you work for like to see a few years of ER/ICU experience under your belt and experience in settings that required quick critical thinking. Overall I was wondering if there are any flight nurses out there or in general nurses that could give me feed back including nurses who work or have worked in the above mentioned fields I have been looking at going into. Thanks in advace for your help and all you do as nurses.

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If you look at the top of the page, there is a tab titled Specialty, click on it and then click on nursing specialties. If you go down the list there is a forum for flight nurses. You will find the answer to your question there.

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