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Hey you guys I'm currently a student at lawson state community college in bham, Alabama and I'm in a joint admissions program with uab where if I graduate with a 3.0 or higher I get in uab with a 2,000 dollar scholarship. This sounds good right? But that doesn't mean guaranteed admission into the nursing program and I want to be a nurse and I'm scared that I won't get into the program because of a C & I've had to withdraw from 2 classes. I have 3.6 gpa tho. I had to withdraw from A&P1 because it was a hybrid course meaning we have to teach ourselves. I couldn't handle it but my second time taking it I only still had a C. I also have a W in finite math because I found out I need pre cal instead which I don't think should affect me. I just need good advice because I'm so stressed out about this. I have all A's & b's in everything else with a 3.6 gpa. Some great advice would be greatly appreciated!!!! :)

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why did you have to take pre-cal instead?


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Have you talked with an advisor from your school that works with prenursing students? Different programs will handle withdrawals in different ways. For my CC they consider a withdrawal an attempt at the class. For certain prerequisites you are only able to take them twice within a 5 year time limit, so a withdrawal and taking the class a second time would be the limit you are allowed to take a particular class in the given time frame. Each program is going to have their own way in which they handle these situations. The nursing program that you are trying to get into is going to be the most accurate source of information of what you need to do. As for the C in A&P 1 a lot of factors come into play. How competitive that grade is depends on how the school bases it's admissions into the nursing program, how other students have done that are applying at the time and such. Definitely make sure that you get a firm understanding of the material that was taught in that class, since future classes are going to continue to build upon that information.