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  1. Anyone at WCTC? I just finished my first year of pre-reqs, should be petitioning by fall barring any unforeseen problems.

    I read a lot of whining on here about how hard the program is - but seems to me that's a good thing if you can make it through. I had a long talk with my A&P teacher the other day about whether I should finish my ADN or just switch to a BSN program since it'll only take a year longer to finish, and he said the reason that all the hospitals in the area still hire ADN RNs is because WCTC is so tough. He said his wife works in HR at Children's, and WCTC candidates go on the top of the pile when they are hiring. I guarantee you the graduates from easier schools aren't getting that kind of respect.

    Anyone here in the nursing courses already at WCTC?
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