UW-Oshkosh Accelerated BSN May '14

  1. Hi all,

    I am applying to the accelerated BSN program at UW-Oshkosh for the May 2014 cohort. Just curious if anyone else is planning to apply to this cohort as well.
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  3. by   bkohl18
    Hi, I am also applying for the May 2014 cohort. I applied to the last cohort and I didn't get in so I'm trying it again. Hopefully this time I get in. Are you applying to any other schools?
  4. by   eshallow
    I applied in late July. Still haven't heard anything yet. I'm interested to see when they start the process!
  5. by   anesthesia_4_you
    I applied. I know that the app. indicated they would not start the review process until closer to the deadline date.
  6. by   anesthesia_4_you
    @bkohl18- Did they indicate or give you feedback as to why you didn't get in the first time?
  7. by   Medic2RN
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  8. by   bkohl18
    They really didn't give me a specific reason. But I talked to Sue about reapplying, and she just pointed out some areas where I could improve (more CNA experience, better recommendation...etc) They will just email you saying that you were not accepted, if you don't get in.
  9. by   anesthesia_4_you
    Did you gather more CNA experience over the last year? Based on past cohort discussions, it really looks like the admissions group takes the CNA experience quite seriously. Who gave your recommendations? Anyone in the medical field? My two are from high-level RNs, both of whom I work with. I don't think we are going to hear for email interviews for at least a couple of weeks, if they follow the schedule they did the past two cohorts. I am really excited about this program! Anyone else out there apply for the May '14 cohort? Join the discussion!
  10. by   bkohl18
    Have you applied to the program before. I had a slight issue with one of my recommendations, it was my CNA class teacher (she was a public health nurse) She said she was going to do it, then never did and I could never get a hold of her. So after the application was due they let me quick find another one. She was a nurse, but more of a family friend. My other recommendation was not a nurse, just one of my bosses. This time I have 2 working RN's as recommendations, so that should help. I also just have been working as a CNA, so I have a few months more experience in a skilled nursing facility than I had last time I applied. I also retook my Teas and got a better science score. So I'm hoping that all this helps! Yeah we probably won't hear for a few more weeks. Last time it was a month til I got an email to schedule my online interview.
  11. by   anesthesia_4_you
    Well that's all good to hear. I have never applied to the program. I just graduated with Bachelor's degree in Biology in May. What is the online interview? Are you real-time typing responses to questions, or how exactly is the online set up? I have never heard of such an interview--only in-person and telephone. I wonder how many people applied this time around. Being patient is turning out to be quite a challenge--I am just so excited and enthusiastic about the program. I wish I could hibernate until they come up with their decisions! Happy waiting
  12. by   anesthesia_4_you
    Was this discussion moved to another forum? If so, how do I get there?
  13. by   eshallow
    I just google "2014 accelerated nursing oshkosh" pops up as a link, hope that helps!
  14. by   eshallow
    So It's October, I haven't received anything from the university. Has anyone else? I just want to know my application was received..