New Grad Programs at Madison area hospitals?

  1. I will be graduating in December and have been trying to find a hospital that has a New to Nursing internship program. Just about every hospital in Madison has something to that affect on their website but than when I call they tell me they are not doing that right now. Does anybody know of any nearby hospitals that do or know the scoop on how to start out in nursing in Madison?
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  3. by   spikedscrubs
    If you mean a residency, UW is the place to do it. I graduated from UW-Madison in June 2007 and have been working at UW Hospital ever since. They have a SIX MONTH orientation with a preceptor as well as a year long study where you have monthly meetings with all of the other new nurses that started the same month as you, a strong support system with nurse educators and residency coordinators and monthly check-in meetings with your manager/CNS/nurse educator and preceptor to go over how you're doing, what you're comfortable with and if you have any questions. Many places have 6-12 WEEK orientations so the 6 month-1 year window at UW is extremely rare. Good luck!
  4. by   motyandproudofit
    How did you go about applying to the UW Hospital program. I live in Florida, attend a Community College here, and will move to Madison when I graduate in December.

    I went to the UW website and see the page that talks about their program, but I do not see any way to apply.
    I called and was told they are not doing this right now.

    Any insight?
  5. by   rn2bnwi
    There program only starts once a year and you apply between october and december. Good luck!