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Hey, I was just admitted to the ADN program at MATC-Milwaukee for the fall. I'm REALLY excited to finally be admitted into a clinical program. However, it makes me a little nervous because I read... Read More

  1. by   koko2002
    A few questions to the 3rd semester and MATC RN graduates...
    I'm going into 3rd semester and heard you HAVE to pass the HESI at the end of the 4th semester in order to graduate, is this true? Also, if you don't pass it does that mean you fail the program or do you get another chance to take it. I SUCK AT TAKING THE HESI for some reason but I do fine on class exams and clinicals.
    Also, anyone take 110 (mental health) online? I heard thats the way to go but just wanted to know your thoughts.