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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been asked to interview with the Madison VA for an RN position and the most recent posts I've seen in the Wisconsin forum are several years old. So, I was just wondering if anyone could share what they have experienced or heard about the VA in general. We all love to hear about salary and that would be nice, but I'm really wanting to hear about the nursing culture and how a new BSN grad might fit in. Thank you
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  3. by   evolvingrn
    I know very little. i flex at another job and there was a flex there to that's 'day' job was the va. she seemed to really like her job for the most part. We didn't get into specifics. I think they have a structure that supports growth and they like education. the the other thing i recall..... lol was her mentioning most of their pts are old men....which makes sense but i would have never thought about...... Good luck.

    The great thing about Madison is wages are not a secret at all. We pretty much know what the other facilities are getting. I think that for the most part all 4 hospitals are a wash... some have higher base, other better benies....but i think it all comes out about the same. I will say i think you said you were thinking about mercy hospital. i have met 2 to 3 other nurses that just switched to where i work and none of them liked the culture there.
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    Thank you for the info, evolvingrn