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  1. I'm hoping to move to Madison this summer, and so far I haven't had a huge response in my job search. My FIL sent us an article that says there is no nursing shortage in Madison, and from my experiences so far he might be right. I would like to work in the Trauma ICU or PICU at UW Hospital, but I have yet to see a position posted in either department since last December. There are a few night ER positions the come up from time to time. The picking seem slim overall for experienced RNs. Please, nurses in the area, could you give me some insight into the status in Madison? Is it just that that particular hospital is so great to work for they have no turnover?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   CARE4PEDS
    Call the HR contact listed under the Nurse Clinician positions at UW. There are many jobs at UW hospital and they still have a shortage. However, the only thing that gets complicated is when you are not a new grad (and thus not eligible for residency program), and if you don't have one year of nursing experience ( and thus not eligible for regular nurse clinician jobs). Regardless, I have found the nurse recruiters extremely helpful. I am sure there is a job for you.

    But you are right, there isn't a shortage at other area hospitals. In fact, the job market is extremely competitive. But, the hospitals all have great reputations and the pay is much higher than other WI markets.

    Good LUck.
  4. by   SkateBetty
    Thank you for the reply and the info. I'm sending you a PM. Thanks again!