How do I view my NCLEX results?

  1. I will be taking my NCLEX in a week and I know there is a way to pay extra to be able to view my results in a few days rather than a few weeks via USPS. Can someone please tell me how to do this? Thanks!
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  3. by   BookwormRN
    Are you taking the NCLEX in WI? If so, the Dept of Regulation and Licensing will have your results posted (usually) within days (sometimes as soon as 24 hours) of your testing.

    You do not have to wait for the results to come via USPS!!! AS SOON as the state has you on their website, you may practice as an RN!!!

    Here is the website: (it costs nothing to use!!)

    Go to the drop down box-click on Registered Nurse
    type in your last name only
    hit enter-scroll down to find your name-then click on "More Info..."
    ....if you have passed, you will see your name as ACTIVE

    Also, if you have all the info from Pearson Vue-you can pay extra to find out within 48 hours via phone or internet whether you passed or not.

    Good luck!:spin:
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  4. by   NNNikki
    I took my NCLEX-PN in Madison, WI this Sunday, July 29 and my quick view results at pearsonvue website were ready by Tuesday early evening (approx. 48hrs after my test). Then yesterday, Wednesday, the WI Dept. of Reg. and Lic. had my official Active status as an LPN listed by early afternoon! So, within 3 days I found out all I needed to know!!! Good luck, and best wishes!