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  1. i am strongly considering applying to herzing university in brookfield wisconsin. i was wondering if anyone has any opinion on their program. the school seems to have a great curriculum, but they have yet to have a graduationg class. therefore, there are no employment or graduation statistics. i have checked past threads, and there doesn't seem to be any recent info for any of the herzing campuses regaurding the bsn program. there have been lots of people saying that other campuses have been unorganized. they are accredited by the higher learning commision, but does that really mean anything in the nursing field? the admissions advisor said they have applied for other licensing but cant get it until a class finishes. i guess i'm just lost with all of the different schools claiming to offer nursing degrees. i want to make sure that if i do invest time and money that my degree will be worth something to future employers. any opinions would be appreciated!!!!!
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  3. by   bethmarieb
    Check out Bryant & Stratton College in Wauwatosa too. They are similar, similar price and have a very strong Nursing program, accredited and have been doing it for a while. They have one of the highest first-time NCLEX pass rates in the state. The instructors are great. I think their Bayshore campus offers Nursing now too.
  4. by   Samantha3785
    Thank you, I have looked into Bryant and Stratton. Unfortunately they only offer an associates degree, and I am interested in a BSN. I could always begin there and continue on after. I'll continue researching
  5. by   bethmarieb
    This is true. I'm a BSC grad with the Associate's degree but there have been rumors of adding the BSN in 2012 and I just heard the Educational Approval Board approved Bryant & Stratton College to offer the BSN. I don't know when they will announce this or start this (maybe May 2012?), but I'm probably going back for the BSN when they offer it. Good luck with your search!
  6. by   Samantha3785
    I've actually been having issues with admissions at Herzing, so I began looking into BS tonight. They have a great chat feature on their website, and I actually had a call from an admissions specialist within 5 min. He answered lots of my questions, and I have a meeting with them on Friday. If you dont mind me asking, where are you employed now? Was it easy for you to find a job? What is the difference in employment opportunities for an associates vs a bachelors? Are you still considered an RN with an associates? or does that make you and LPN? I guess i dont get the difference. I really appreciate your responses.
  7. by   LvANrse80
    If you have an AD its for RN's and Tech Diploma for LPN's even if you have a BSN you're still an RN but the BSN offers more Mgmt & Teaching job opportunities. I'm applying @ Herzing in Brookfield for The BSN Program I'm already an LPN.
  8. by   Samantha3785
    I've decided to go with Bryant and Stratton. They offer a 5 semester AD. Tuition is pretty much the same, and they are more established. The passing rate for the NCLEX the last few yrs has also been in the upper 90%. I think I will start there, and continue on with my BSN when I am employed. I really wanted to get better feedback fron Herzing, because it wold have been much more convenient. But unfortunately there wasn't very much info to be found.
  9. by   LvANrse80
    I'm actually applying to both & I will let you know which school I went with, I'm also an Matc grad. Good luck
  10. by   LvANrse80
    I will attend an informational Nursing session @ Herzing today! I passed the Accuplacer @ B & S and now I'm getting ready to study for the Teas Exam, I wanna take it @ both schools and whichever I get in to will be whom I go with. I really wanna do the BSN program but I do need to find out if Herzing is Nationally Accredited. Otherwise I'll just do the ADN program @ B & S, and do my BSN online after my ADN.
  11. by   Samantha3785
    Bryant and stratton actually announced that they will have a bachelors program in 2012. So thats exciting! I am starting the AD program in a couple of weeks, and might transition into the BSN program or just pursue the bridge program once i have my AD... still have to weigh the options... but bethmarieb, you were right on
  12. by   OlajuwonM09
    So whats the update? Do you like Bryant and Stratton's program? Im considering it strongly and would like your opinion! Thanks!!
  13. by   kdunn
    To all may it concern,

    I am a recent grad of herzing brookfield (nursing). Honestly those advisors that u meet on campus the first day are well trainned spokes person. The program is a mess; high instructor turnover rate; poor faculty management; and so much more BS! Yes, they did get accredited but the school is now on probation. One thing I liked there was my cohort and that it. Don't waste your time applying. staff members disappear all of a sudden and that leaves students hanging, with no where to turn to. I wish I Could have started else where.

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