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  1. Hi all! I am very torn as to what to do, as I am an analyzer for every choice that I make.
    Currently in the ADN program, graduate Dec 2013.
    Already carry a Bachelor's degree in business.
    Currently work as a caregiver for 2 years now. In addition I do medication administration at my work.

    Question is...I have a friend that's been a nurse for almost 10 years and she never worked in healthcare before graduating with her ADN (Engineer admin). She's got a great job in the northern part (Sheboygan) and tells me not to worry to much and to focus on passing nursing school.
    Other nurses have told me to hurry up and get a job in the hospital, it's a tough market in Milwaukee.

    My scenario: I pay out of pocket and use loans to pay for school. I barely work because I need to focus on passing school (can't afford to retake a $3,000 class, but can afford to lose a few hundred $). I don't have a specialty area that I want to work in because I am interested in learning whatever I can to expand my knowledge (it's like don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge a job by it's title). I now live in New Berlin rather than the northeastern part and there are MANY MANY health care facilities around this area.
    Also, the job that I have is VERY VERY VERY FLEXIBLE with my school schedule. I make my own schedule! I'm scared if I work somewhere else, I have to do the every other weekend and I know that one of the clinical's rotation is every Friday and Saturday (as I am not 100% in control of what days I get). I don't want to say yes to working somewhere and then I'm stuck with weekend classes.

    I've been told by people to apply for Pool Positions, but I don't even know what that entails. I'm not looking for someone to tell me what to do, I just want to hear what your opinion is, what you have gone through with your experience or others in this area. I am willing to drive LESS than an hour to work as long as the pay is worth the gas mileage (Oconomowoc, Brookfield, S. Milw, New Berlin, Menononee Falls, West Allis etc).

    Thanks for taking the time to read...I'm just stressing for no reason I hope! :-/
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  3. by   soxgirl2008
    Look for student nurse intern positions at the hospitals near you. They are usually very flexible with school. I know Wheaton hires student nurse interns, and accepts them from both ADN and BSN programs. I believe Aurora does as well. A pool position means you work on whatever floor is short that day. The pool CNAs here make their own schedule which is nice.

    I am about 45 minutes south of Milwaukee, and around here it is a bit harder for ADN grads without hospital experience to get hired in a hospital. The hospitals have so many ADN students that work there, and they usually get picked over outsiders. ADNs without hospital experience do get hired though. Many ADNs without hospital experience also get hired in LTC.

    Yes, a hospital job may make it easier to find a job, but your main priority is passing school. I have seen CNAs at my hospital fail classes because they were working too much, so unless you can find a flexible position it's not worth putting school in jeopardy. Being a caregiver will still look better on a resume than someone who worked in a completely non healthcare related field. There is another poster on here who recently graduated from an ADN program in Milwaukee with no prior healthcare experience. She was hired on an oncology unit she had her clinicals on. So try to really stand out in clinicals, and apply to those facilities when you graduate.
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  4. by   Nurse Kyles
    Personally I would keep the job that you have. I worked in a non-medical job the entire time I was obtaining my ADN. This reduced my stress level, because I knew I could make my own schedule. I also didn't have to worry about the stresses of learning a new job while trying to concentrate on school. Though I am from Eau Claire, and the hospitals here readily hire new grads with no blatant preference for BSN over ADN. I did start out in short term rehab center for a mere two months before landing my job on a progressive care unit at one of the local hospitals.

    Another piece of advice, if you do seek employment in a hospital, is to treat each and every day as a job interview. Have a smile on your face and exuberate enthusiasm. The reason I say that is my friend worked as an aid for 5 years in the hospital that I now work. She is a kind of dismal person, and ended up not being hired at this facility. She ended up having to obtain employment in a nursing home instead. Good Luck! I am sure you will make the choice that is right for you!
  5. by   emlam
    Thank you very much Kylee! That helps me! I live in New Berlin and I do not mind driving west to get a job if I don't find one in Milwaukee. I am quite stress free from work because I already know the ropes and I am sure I would get great recommendations from there, as well as my instructors. Thank you again!
    Also, when I work, I do work as if everyday is a good day because people are always watching when you least expect it. I guess, I learned that from my parent's family business (I grew up working when I could walk/talk). I guess it shows to have a great NETWORK and not create enemies