Edgewood College Accelerated BSN Fall '13

  1. Hi! I was accepted for Edgewood's Accelerated BSN program for this Fall 2013. I was hoping I could find someone else who was accepted (or someone that is currently attending!) who could answer a few questions! I was just wondering where everyone is planning on living (dorms, apartment?) and if anyone has heard anything about the program and how intense it is? I'm super excited to be accepted, hopefully I can find someone else who is as well so we can figure all of this out together!
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  3. by   happyhousewife
    Hi cbarsen! I will be joining you in class this fall I'm from Minnesota and will be moving to an apartment in the Baraboo area. It'll be a bit of a commute but my husband will be working in Wisconsin Dells so we decided to find a place in between. I also feel kind of clueless as to what the schedule will be like once classes start. Hopefully they will send us some information soon (I think they said they were going to send us something in June). It would be helpful to know how many hours we are in class/clinicals each week. I'll send you a private message with my info if you want to connect
  4. by   a_rose61907
    Hello! I have also been accepted to this program for this fall! I already live in Madison and know the area pretty well. I would suggest not living in a dorm. Apartments are the way to go! I do know a few people that have been through this program and it is pretty intense. I was advised not to work. I was looking on the Edgewood website and found a sample schedule from a few years ago. It looks like we will be in class or at clinicals 5 days/week. Based on that schedule we should have off the week of Thanksgiving and for a couple weeks in December. Let me know if you need any help finding housing or which parts of the city are safe! :-)
  5. by   grassysc
    Hello You all,

    Nice to meet you! I have been accepted in this program as well. I don't really know much about this program and I tried to do some research on the web but can't find much info about it. Do you gals know how this program is?
    I have been accepted by another program as welll, so now I am still wondering which program to go.
    I don't know a single sole in Madison. If I do decide to go to Edgewood, I'd like to share an apartment with someone.
  6. by   bkohl18
    Hello everyone,

    I am currently applying to the program and just had a few questions who those who were already accepted. Typically who did you guys have do you references? Were they nurses, teachers, or just bosses from you jobs? What were you're GPA's (if you don't mind sharing) Also what kind of things did you guyes include in your personal statement and roughly how long were they. I would really appreciate any input/insight you guys could offer! Thanks in advance.
  7. by   cbarsen
    For my references, I had one professor that knew me really well and then a PA that I job shadowed, who was previously a nurse and then decided to go on. My GPA was relatively low, I know that this program doesn't necessarily focus on just GPA, they really look at every aspect of your application. I used a personal story in my statement, something that I really thought would grab their attention. I think mine was about a page and a half or so!