Edgewood Accelerated BSN program

  1. I applied to Edgewoods accelerated BSN program and have my interview this week. Just wondering if anyone else applied or if anyone has gone through the program and could give me an idea of the interview questions. Thanks much!
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  3. by   mcbloom2
    I also have my interview coming up and was wondering what kinds of questions I should be prepared for! If anyone has had an interview for Edgewood's accelerated BSN program, please help!
  4. by   Eburgmeier
    I also applied and had my interview, did either of you hear back from edgewood on your acceptance yet?
  5. by   bkohl18
    I haven't heard back yet, they told me around the middle of March we would hear back. I'm kinda nervous though, they said there was about 120 applicants and there is only 28 spots.
  6. by   Eburgmeier
    Seriously? Wow.. And that stinks we have to wait until mid March!
  7. by   bkohl18
    Yeah it sucks waiting. Did you guys apply to any other programs at all?
  8. by   bkohl18
    Anyone hear anything yet? I'm getting impatient lol!!
  9. by   Eburgmeier
  10. by   Eburgmeier
    I got in! Any one else hear back?
  11. by   adeelemus

    I also have been accepted for this fall! I am so excited. Are you from the area? How are you planning to finance the program?
  12. by   mwilkosz
    I am also attending in the fall! I'm from the Madison area.
  13. by   Jamienorton

    Congratulations! I have an interview this week, I was wondering what questions I should be prepared for?