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  1. Anyone have any information on Sacred Heart or Luther in Eau Claire? I'm mainly interested in the RN support, MD behaviors, benefits, etc.

    Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   UWECfuturenurse
    Being a senior nursing student at UWEC, I have had plenty of experience at both

    I have had clinicals on the med/telemetry and OB & nursery units at Luther. I honestly like the environment at Luther much better than Sacred Heart. The RN's and support staff seem to be much more friendly and open to students. I also prefer their charting and med administration systems to Sacred Heart's.

    I don't mean to be bashing Sacred Heart. There are a lot of really great nurses and docs at Sacred Heart. Two physicians (a pain control specialist and a neurosurgeon) actually came and talked to our class. I've had clinicals in the OR, ambulatory care, and neuro/trauma/peds units at this hospital, with most of my experience in neuro. Some of the nurses on that unit are very friendly and helpful...some are not.

    Overall, each hospital has its positives and negatives. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask
  4. by   jjnurse2
    Quote from qbfan413
    Anyone have any information on Sacred Heart or Luther in Eau Claire? I'm mainly interested in the RN support, MD behaviors, benefits, etc.

    Thank you in advance.
    I also have had clinical at both sacred heart and luther and I personally liked sacred heart better. The nurses were more friendly and willing to answer any questions and were always looking for something interesting for the students to see.
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    There is a huge difference between the two that I noticed. Sacred Heart uses mainly computerized charting, with minimal departmental flowsheets and data charting by exception when appropriate. Luther is completely manual/flow sheets. I am a fan of the Sacred Heart system because it's easy to find the information you need. But that's just me.

    I'm still deciding on an overall opinion between the two.
  6. by   11:11
    Sacred Heart has an older nurse culture. Many of its nurses have been employees for up to and over twenty years.

    Sacred Heart is not a truma center but does recieve some truama. I wouldnt call their ICU one of high acuity. Unless thats changed that means no IABP, CRRT, ECMO etc.

    Also, some of the older Docs are foreign and have an older fashion attitude towards nurses. Ive seen one nurse led into a room by the arm and berated by a Doctor there.

    They do have two new neurosurgeons and have been doing cases as a result.

    Sacred Heart pt population is older than Luthers over all.

    One benefit might be that local marshfield clinic is nicer and has better manners than midelfort clinic.

    Luther Midelfort is associated with Mayo clinic therefore has deeper pockets than Sacred heart.

    It is also a level two trauma center with a heart program. They have more specialists that have been hired from outside the area. You will be much better treated by them in ICU than on the floor.

    Luthers nursing staff is younger and transient therefore more inexperienced over all ie time in career.

    One factor to consider is both hospitals combined enjoy an influx of approximately 50 new grads a year from local nursing programs which is synomymous to no shortage, and the resultant attitude from nursing management.

    Ten years ago a new grad would be lucky to land a job in either hospital after three years experience in one of the local nursing homes. While this is no longer true (new grads in the ICU) upper management has not forgotten those golden years.

    An alternative to eau claire is living in hudson on the border of WI and MN, and working in the minneapolis-st paul area for a bit more money-
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  7. by   CardioHeather
    I've worked in both and gave birth in both, and I'd have to choose Sacred Heart hands down. While they may have a larger patient load, all staff really come together to get it done. At Luther, I often felt alone because "those are your patients, not mine" attitude from the younger RNs. None of the charge nurses at SH would let you sink. Can't say the same about Luther. Also, I liked the religious aspect of SH. It was reassuring to know you had spiritual guidance available 24/7. Their palliative care dept was also phenomenal (i worked onc). Luther seemed very 'money money' oriented. They do a lot of great things that SH doesn't, but I guess it's all in what you're looking for. Their neuro (SH) is huge as is onc and ob.

    To whoever said that SH has more foreign docs....I don't know what you mean. Both hospitals have many foreign docs, not that it makes any difference.

    Just my .02.