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  1. Hi!!! everybody!
    I study at MATC in Milwaukee and about to start my clinicals for RN,
    The only thing that I have to take is CNA certificate.
    Does any one know where I can take it instead of in MATC? Because there it is 5 days a week, 7 hours a day for two and a half mounghts in summer semester. It is 5 credits, but I may have only 3 credits. See? there is no point to take it at MATC.
    Please, if you know where else I could take it quicker and without the obligation to work there as CNA nurse after geting a CNA certificate?
    Need your advice! Please, respond...:spin:
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  3. by   badgerbabe287
    hi, i know aurora health center in milwaukee is offering a 3 to 4 week cna course and you get paid min wage every hour in the course. Im thinking about transfering to long were u on the waitlist? How do you like the program?
  4. by   Tashkent nurse
    Hi! thank you very much for the reply!
    I foud a CNA course where it is offered only two weeks 3 cr, for 700$ and only 3 days I have to work there after. This is the best option for me, but thank you anyway...
    As for MATC, I like the teaching staff there, but really, i am not in my clinicals yet, I still have summer semester to get biochemistry and CNA, then i will be on my waitlist. You know?-they changed the wait list rools, you are not on the wait list, untill you have finished with all the prerequisits, so it is like first to come-first to go.. But I talked to the adviser and counselor for how long would waitlist be, no one can really say anything, or they just do not want us to know... I know that it would be eather half a year(1semster) or one year(2 semesters). I am goin to find that out after spring semester, course they will have more clear knowladge about it.
    BUt I am really feel so bad about this wait list situation, I know that there is a college-community technical college in Chicago, where RN's are done with their associate within only two years including prereq's. As for MATC it takes at least 4 years with the wait list time. Does'nt it make you crasy?
    Were do you study? In UWM?
    Do you know that UWM is very competitive, and that if you are not going to have at least 3.8 GPA for 48 cr's , you better not waist your time, course they will not get you in to the clinicals for Bachelor, My friend was waiting on the wait list after she was done with prereq's for 3 years!!! with GPA 3,64 !!!! Then she quit and left to MATC, but I doubt that she would be able to use those 48 cr's that she took at UWM. A waist of time and money.
    I am currantly thinking about geting a bachelor in RN, but definitelly not in UWM, I have only 3.66 GPA, so I am not perfect candidate for them. But the rest Coleges are so expensive, it is 8000$ per 12cr(one semester) on a full time basis usually. I do not get the thing how other people deal with this, you have any idea?...:uhoh21:
  5. by   badgerbabe287
    wow, where r u taking the cna course? what chicago college are you talking about? are you on aim? it would be nice to discuss this mess
  6. by   Tashkent nurse
    one girl in my micro class took this CNA course, it is in milwaukee. She is going to give me its tel number on tuesday after spring brake. As for Chicago college-my other friend has somebody who studies there for RN-the programm is 2 years. By the way, I looked through the RN programm in Waukesha technical college-they also have it only two years, I wish i lived there... Where do you staudy? You did not unswer?..
  7. by   badgerbabe287
    i am currently a prenursing student at uw madison. I am taking a cna course up at the tech college up here also but thinking of transferring to a tech college to finish up. In the uw system all of the credits transfer, they ahve a special agreement. I plan to work as an rn and then while working get my bsn through either uw or uwm. Im just trying to decide now whether i shud go to a tech college or retake a couple of classes that i got BC in and see if i get in. Good luck with your goals.
  8. by   Tashkent nurse
    Yes, i now about the articulation agreement between UW-Milwaukee and MATC, 60ctrs are transferable out of 72 and they have to be 200 level, not all of them. I do not know about UW-madison, but UW-milwaukee requires 48crts prerequisites prior to geting in to the major and GPA ay least 3.8 in these 48 crts to be aligeble for major. And the worse thing is that within these 48 crts prerequizites may be half will be transferable to MATC or other University later. But if in UW-Madison the GPA for major is not so high, i would stik to it better. You better find out what is the required GPA there, I suppose it is as competitive as UW-Milwaukee, as i said, I have a friend who waited to be called for Major in UW-Milwaukee for 3 years after she took all her prereqs, she had 3.6 GPA, then she just quit and left to MATC... It is better find out beforehend. I also plan get RN in MATC, then after some work years go to MSOE or somewhere else, They transfer 70crds from MATC and require 70 more crts to be taken there for BSN, but it is 500$ per 1 crt, and they give 8000$ and even more loan if you have 3 GPA and hire...
    By the way, some classes you can take in MATC for cheaper that will transfer to UW as a prereq..
    good luck to you also! best wishes.