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What is the major industry? What are the schools like? Housing Market - cost of living? What are the hospitals in the area? Any insight would be helpful. I'm going up there in a couple of weeks.... Read More

  1. by   rachelshusband
    Quote from Bales
    They weren't fired.
    What happened?
  2. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from rachelshusband
    What happened?
    *** The hospital decided, in a move they claimed was for cost cutting, to get rid of their advanced practice nurses. About the only advanced practice nurses they employed where clinical nurse specialists. NPs & CRNAs are employed by the medical center, not the hospital so where not effected.
    The CNSs where all let go. None of the ones I knew personally wanted to lose their jobs. If that isn't being fired I don't know what is. They where given severance packages.
    That particular hospital is prone to chasing every fad that comes down the road for nursing, and then when they don't work out getting rid, or firing all those they hired to implement their programs. Nurses used to be treated OK until there was no longer a shortage of nurses, then the claws came out.
    When I went to work there the unit I worked in had 27 nurse openings (out of 56 FTEs) and the nurses where treated OK. In 2010 the situation had reversed itself and there where no openings and plenty of applicants. The hospital started treating the nurses like they where expendable expenses. People who where in positions that drew higher pay, like weekend program people where fired for any pretext, or for nothing at all. Not all of them, just the more junior ones. The hospital also immediately ended it's program to pay for RN to BSN programs immediately after it got re-certified for Magnet.
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    IMO, magnet is a joke. I worked at another magnet hospital in the area, and it was brutal on the nurses as well. .