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  1. I've recently accepted a Graduate Nurse position in an ICU at Aurora St. Luke's. I wanted to know about others' experiences as a GN for St. Luke's and/or if there's any words of wisdom for a new grad starting out in the ICU. Thanks!!
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    Me too! Which ICU? When do you start?
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    Be a sponge - keep your eyes and ears open, offer to help others with turns, admissions, or codes. There is SO much to learn everyday. Good luck!
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    And OP was never seen, nor heard from again.

    RIP OP.
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    Quote from /username
    And OP was never seen, nor heard from again.

    RIP OP.

    Congrats on the acceptance though!
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    I know this is an old threat, but I'm starting to apply for jobs for graduation in May, and was wondering if anyone had any words of wisdom after completing this? How are the graduate nurse programs at Aurora for ICU? Thanks!
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    I had a paid externship in the ICU at Aurora (West Allis) and then accepted a job as GN/RN when I graduated. I loved my experience starting out in the ICU and feel it gave me an excellent foundation for my nursing practice. You will learn so much, take on as many new experiences as you are offered. I eventually was the nurse doing the precepting, and found the most successful orientees were self-motivated, sought out learning experiences and asked lots of questions.

    Writing things down to plan your day at the start of this shift will be helpful in keeping you organized. I also recommend speaking up if you feel there is an area that you are not getting enough exposure to. Be willing to help and show that you are a team player.

    I found no change in my orientation between my time as a GN and when I was licensed - but that was only about a month. Aurora had a clear orientation and having worked in other areas throughout the hospital while floating, or as a CNA - I found I liked the ICU best! Good Luck!

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